Manual Metal Arc Welder

Overview and course outline

Manual Metal Arc Welder


Perform Shielded Metal Arc Welding for producing fillet and groove welds on carbon and low alloy steels in 1G/1F and 2G/2F welding positions under supervision. The correct equipment, raw materials and consumables will be provided and the candidate must know how to use the same in a safe manner following practices that ensure safety for self, others and the work environment and assess weld quality through visual inspection.

Course Outline for Manual Metal Arc Welder

• Carry out preparations for performing MMAW/SMAW (1F/1G & 2F/2G) & Oxy-Fuel gas cutting operations using Welding Machine

• Carry out MMAW/SMAW & Oxy-Fuel Gas cutting- Welding operations

• Work safely following health and safety standards

Minimum Educational Qualification: SSS 3

Vocational Training Centers:

Gabson Engineering Services Limited , 4, Ajoke Akinbami Close, Off Unity Road, Off Mobolaji Bank, Anthony Way, Ikeja, Lagos State.