Care Giver

Overview and course outline

Care Giver


Caregiver course is designed to equip youths with the requisite skills and knowledge in taking care of the basic non-medical needs of a patient within the hospital settings and homecare settings by activities such as bathing, regional bath, bed bath for patients restricted to the bed, footcare, nail care, hair care etc. as well as providing emotional support for the patient.

Course Outline for Care Giver

Course Curriculum:
The Caregivers Course Curriculum covers:

1. Overview of the hospital and homecare industry

2. Assisting the patient in grooming

3. Support to the patient

4. Effective Communication

5. Transportation

6. Maintaining Health and Hygiene of Workplace

7. Carrying out last death office

Training Outcome:

By the end of the program, the Caregivers would have achieved the following competencies:>

1. Ability to understand about Hospital, homecare andjob role of a Caregiver

2. Ability to perform procedures such as bathing,grooming, dressing up patient

3. Ability to assist nurse in performingprocedure, observing and reportingchanges and measuring patient parametersaccurately.

4. Ability to support patient for transferring,eating/ drinking, normal elimination & callbell

5. Ability to communicate with doctor,nurses, co-workers and patient and theirrelatives.

6. Ability to maintain Health and Hygiene

7. Ability to transport patient sample, Drugs,documents

8. Managing changing andtransporting laundry/ Linen on the floor

9. Ability to carry out last office

Course Duration:

Caregivers – 6 weeks

Minimum Educational Qualification: SS3

Vocational Training Centers:

Certa Support , 18B Oladipo Bateye Road GRA Ikeja Lagos