Bar Bender / Steel Fixer

Overview and course outline

Bar Bender / Steel Fixer


This job role provides support in handling of materials, tools and equipment related to bar bending and fixing works at construction sites. The responsibilities also include identification, straightening, marking and cutting of rebar, tying reinforcement for prefabricated cages and at in-situ using hand tools. The individual should have knowledge about the environment, health, safety and safe working practices and of handling rebar properly. On completion of this course, candidates have ample opportunities in the oil and gas servicing industry.

Course Outline for Bar Bender / Steel Fixer

1. Identify, shift and stack materials, tools and equipment relevant to reinforcement works: Introduction to materials, tools and equipment used in bar bending works along with proper shifting and stacking procedures

2. Identify, mark and cut reinforcement bar to required length: Introduction to measuring and marking and performing manual cutting operations

3. Tie reinforcement bar using different types of ties: Introduction to tying of rebars and different types of ties and their application

4.Erect and dismantle temporary scaffold of 3.6 m height: Standard procedure for erection & dismantle of 3.6-meter temporary scaffold

5.Carry out manual earthwork at construction sites: Introduction to the standard procedure of manual excavation and excavation of trench the same by using appropriate tools

6. Work according to personal health, safety and environment protocol at construction: Importance of Health & Safety aspects & safety measures to be followed while working

Minimum Educational Qualification: JSS 3

Vocational Training Centers:

Decke Academy of Design , Plot 1A Block B8 CMD Road Magodo Shangisha Lagos